Example of one paragraph summary of the proposal

[Name of PI] ([PI’s institution]) is proposing a research plan where [Postdoc A, affiliation] will visit [US university/Lab] for 6 months in an effort to [goals, e.g., estimate the impact of nuclear physics uncertainties on the experimental sensitivity to the CP violating phase]. To achieve this goal, the PI proposes to [method, e.g., perform a detailed study of nuclear models, taking into account nucleon correlations, …]. Specifically, the PI plans to [deliverables, e.g., implement several nuclear models into neutrino event generators and systematically estimate the impact of theoretical uncertainties, …]. This project is of high relevance to the U.S. Neutrino program, as it [motivation, e.g., has a direct impact on the major goal of the US flagship experiment DUNE, the determination of the leptonic CP violation phase].

Budget: $XX,YYY.ZZ